10:00 27 March
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Five Novellas of St. Petersburg Education. #PROLyceum

National Scientific and Pedagogical Conference
Quality of Education

The goal of the International Live Scientific and Practical Conference is to share the scientific and methodological experience of teaching and the administrative staff of Lyceum No. 369 on the implementation of a subject-oriented model of education created to determine the career future of students early on in order to achieve technological independence of Russia. The conference is divided into 5 modules: #PROgoals, #PROcontent, #PROlesson, #PROtruth and #PROpartnership. The participants will include principals, deputy principals, teaching staff, students, parents, representatives of educational authorities, and legislative authorities. The #PROgoals module is dedicated to the management system of educational activities in a modern school, which helps to achieve federal, regional, and local objectives. The system is aimed at ensuring the competitiveness of students and fostering a developed and socially responsible personality. The #PROcontent module. The administrative staff of Lyceum No. 369 will share experience in: - organising specialised and professional education; - early career guidance aimed at preparing students for conscious planning of their professional future; - transition to federal basic general education programmes. The #PROlesson module consists of workshops conducted by teachers of Lyceum No. 369 on organising a modern lesson, which involves the use of advanced technology and teaching tools for the comprehensive development of the student’s personality in accordance with the development goals set in the Russian Federation. The #PROtruth module. Students of Lyceum No. 369 will share with conference participants their experience of studying in a modern school, their first achievements, and their plans for the future. The #PROpartnership module. Conference participants will be presented with a model for cooperation in the implementation of educational programs and visit a showroom with solutions from industry partners of Lyceum No. 369 for a closer look at technology, devices, and products developed for the educational sector.



School No. 369 named after the Hero of the Russian Federation, A.N. Zhikharev, Krasnoselsky District, St. Petersburg


Ulitsa Marshala Zakharova, 16, building 5 A
Metro station: "Leninskiy Prospect"

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Konstantin Tkhostov