11:00 – 13:30 26 March
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Navigating Childhood in the Year of Family in Russia: Priorities, Focus Areas and Technologies

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The goal of the Regional Strategic Session is to determine the targets and priorities for the professional community of upbringing advisers (including other professionals in the field of upbringing) in 2024, taking into account the priorities of the Year of Family in Russia. The target priority of the Year of Family is the popularisation of state policy in the field of family protection and the preservation of traditional family values. According to the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the family is the foundation of everything: "It is at home in a family environment that a person's personality and worldview, spiritual, moral, political ideals and values are largely shaped." In accordance with the Fundamentals of state policy for the preservation and strengthening of traditional Russian spiritual and moral values, the family is the national idea of the country. The issues of demography, support for motherhood and childhood in the Russian Federation, and the upbringing of younger generations in accordance with traditional Russian spiritual and moral values are at the forefront of the general strategies for holding the Year of Family in Russia in 2024. One of the ways to solve issues of preserving and strengthening the traditional values of a strong family is to improve the forms and methods of upbringing of children and youth. The expected result of improving upbringing methods in 2024: - increased value of a strong family, fatherhood and motherhood in the minds of children and young people; - a personal and conscious need to preserve and strengthen traditional family values; - respect for parents; strengthened social solidarity in matters of family upbringing of children; and familiarisation of children and youth with the values of a strong family. Participants of the Regional Strategic Session: district coordinators of the project "Navigators of Childhood," regional methodological activists, representatives of institutions of basic and secondary education, vocational education, school counselors for upbringing and interaction with public associations, and the parent community. Speakers of the Regional Strategic Session: representatives of the Russian Centre for Children and Youth, the Regional Resource Center, the Education Committee, St. Petersburg Academy of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education, Herzen University. Partners of the Regional Strategic Session: representatives of the Regional Branch Council of the Russian Movement of Children and Youth, "Movement of the First.".



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