09:00 – 18:30 25 March
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Modern School

All-Russian Congress with international participation. 2 day
General education

Session 1. Organisational, managerial and methodological support of the federal network of "Point of Growth" and School "Kvantoriums" Centres of the Ministry of Education of Russia in 2021-2024.

Discussion topics:

  1. "Education" national project: development path for 2021-2024.
  2. Organisational management structure of the "Modern School" federal project: team, functions, interaction with the federal operator and the project office of the Ministry of Education of Russia.
  3. Review of the main changes made in the passport of the "Modern School" federal project of the "Education" national project. Indicators and results of regional projects.
  4. Features and issues of reporting requirements and quality control during the implementation of individual activities within the "Education" national project.

Session 2. Federal network of "Point of Growth" and School "Kvantoriums" Centres: from infrastructure modernisation to the changes in the content of education and upbringing in modern schools

Discussion topics:
  1. Methodological support system for teaching staff of the "Point of Growth" and "School Kvantoriums" Centres in 2021: tools and ways to boost motivation.
  2. Modernisation of infrastructure and learning environment in rural schools: the experience of the Sverdlovsk Oblast.
  3. The role of the regional institute for education development in improving the quality of education and upbringing in school in a new ecosystem: the experience of the Vladimir Oblast.
  4. Kvantorium Children's Technology Park: ideology, content of educational programmes, resourcing.
  5. Interaction of schools and supplementary education institutions: Kvantorium Children's Technology Park.

Strategic session:
  • Group 1. Geokvantum
  • Group 2. Promrobokvantum
  • Group 3. Promdesignkvantum
  • Group 4. Energykvantum
  • Group 5.  Aerokvantum
  • Group 6. IT-kvantum
  • Group 7. VR/AR-kvantum
  • Group 8. Biokvantum


Target audience

Regional coordinators of the "Modern School" project ("Point of Growth" and "School Kvantoriums" Centres)


Academy of the Ministry of Education of Russia
St. Petersburg Education Committee
Kvantorium Children's Technology Park


ul. Ushinskogo, 6, Kvantorium Children's Technology Park
m. "Grazhdansky Prospekt"