15:00 – 16:30 26 March
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School Technology Transfer

City workshop. 1 day
General education

The main approaches to building a system of end-to-end education along two axes will be presented: «school – university – professional activity» and «individual – small group – enterprise – state». The practical part of the seminar provides for an interactive acquaintance of the participants with effective pedagogical practices. The experience of implementing the possibility of transforming an educational institution in the areas of educational content, personnel policy, and social partnership will be presented. Registration is carried out through an online form.


Target audience

Deputy heads of educational institutions, methodologists, subject teachers


Lyceum No. 179 of the Kalininsky district


ul. Ushinskogo, 35, korp. 2
m. «Grazhdansky Prospekt»

Contact information

Victoria Sergeevna Pechnikova


+7 (905) 223-79-67