09:30 – 12:00 24 March
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Partnership of Kindergarten and Family: Formula for Success

Scientific and practical conference. 1 day
Preschool education

The conference is addressed to teachers of preschool educational institutions. The key to achieving high quality preschool education is the establishment of partnership between all members of the educational process: children, teachers and parents. The multiculturalism of modern society, the complexity of social communication strategies, the digital revolution lead to the fact that traditional models of interaction between kindergarten and family are no longer effective.

The main objective of the conference is to present the innovative experience of St. Petersburg preschool educational institutions in the field of development and implementation of effective models of social partnership between preschool educational institution and family, implemented in an open cultural and educational space.

The following issues will be discussed:

  • Global challenges of our time: changes in the relationship between adult educators.
  • What are the main principles of the partnership between teachers and parents today?
  • How can the cultural environment of the city help to create a successful partnership between teachers and parents?


Target audience

Heads of state budgetary preschool educational institutions, Deputy Heads of preschool educational institutions, methodologists, teachers


Kindergarten No. 93 of the Vyborgsky district


ul. Yesenina, 12, korp. 3
m. «Ozerki»

Contact information

Natalja Valeryevna Vinogradova


+7 (904) 332-64-78