11:00 – 14:00 26 March
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Primary Education for a Quality Life: Innovations, Methods, Practices

Educational Marathon. 2 days
General education

Within two days, teachers and experts working in primary education will take part in the following activities:

25.03.2021 – strategic seminar «Designing a high-quality educational environment at the start of school life». The issues of updating the content of primary general education, the use of effective and innovative methods and practices, the issues of teaching children with speech impairments and mental retardation along various educational routes, the possibilities of professional growth of primary school teachers are considered. Seminar formats - presentations by experts from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Pskov, business thematic platforms, methodological briefing.

26.03.2021 – interactive seminar «Territory of creativity of the teacher of the extended day group» The issues of enhancing the creative potential of teachers of extended day groups, methods and practices of creating a high-quality cultural and educational environment in an extended day group are considered. Formats: master classes, creative report.


Target audience

Primary school teachers, deputy directors for curriculum and discipline (primary school), extended day teachers, speech therapists, special education teacher (Up to 150 people)


«Information and Methodological Centre» of the Frunzensky district of St. Petersburg
School No. 202
School No. 310
Gymnasium No. 587 of the Frunzensky district


ul. Budapeshtskaya, 79, korp. 2
m. «Dunayskaya»

Contact information

Larisa Viktorovna Bogdanova

Deputy Director of the Information and Methodological Centre


+7 (812) 705-60-35

Elena Nikolaevna Dogonina

Methodologist of the Information and Methodological Centre for primary school


+7 (921) 580-65-54