10:00 – 10:30 24 March
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Management Model of Lyceum Development in the Context of Digital Transformation Seminar

Seminar. 1 day
General education

The Russian education system is passing now modernization associated with the need to form a personality capable of acting in the rapidly changing realities of a digital society. At the seminar special conditions (special environment) that can ensure development of competative and successful students of the digital civilization will be discussed. A model of the development of digital intelligence environment will be presented, it allows us to systematically and effectively solve a significant task for the St. Petersburg education system – to ensure high quality of education in accordance with long-term objectives and directions of development.


Target audience

Heads and deputy heads of educational institutions



Lyceum No. 369 of the Krasnoselsky district


ul. Marshala Zakharova, 52, lit. A
m. «Prospekt Veteranov»

Contact information

Konstantin Eduardovich Thostov

Director of the Lyceum


+7 (812) 743-61-82

Victoria Aleksandrovna Kirillova

Deputy Director for Informatization

+7 (921) 551-26-11