10:00 – 12:00 24 March
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Designing a Meta-Subject Week: on the Way to a New Teacher's Literacy

Project seminar. 1 day
General education

Joint event of the School No. 91 and the Gymnasium No. 67 of the Petrogradsky district.

The modern education space is dynamic, multitasking and it requires to focus on developing new professional competencies of teachers and the quality of professional communications. Such integrated and variable information and educational environment sets teachers tasks that go beyond the scope of subject methodological literacy. One of such objectives is the ability to design nonlinear educational events.

During the seminar, participants are invited to actively work in the format of a business game on designing a meta-subject week using traditional and digital tools. Teachers of the School No. 91 and the Gymnasium No. 67 will present the methodology and design technology of the school meta-subject week, give master classes on meta-subject web quests, present their best practices and analyze them from the point of view of forming meta-subject results.


Target audience

Deputy heads of the educational institutions for academic, teaching and extracurricular work; methodologists, tutors and mentors; subject teachers; organizers of extracurricular activities; teachers-organizers; experts on project activities


School No. 91 of the Petrogradsky district


Sytninskaya ploshchad, 5/7
m. «Gorkovskaya»

Contact information

Nadezhda Igorevna Neupokoeva

Head of education innovations' lab of the school No 91


+7 (921) 745-40-38

Elena Anatolyevna Kupirova

Deputy Director for Scientific and Methodical Work, Gymnasium No. 67


+7 (911) 226-51-80