11:00 – 12:20 24 March
  • On-line

Digital Learning Environment and its Resources for a Better Quality of Education

Webinar. 1 day
General education

The webinar will review the possibilities of the digital educational environment of an educational institution (school educational platform, online services, mobile applications and technologies) to ensure and improve the quality of education.

The main focus will be on the use of modern educational technologies during lessons and organizing educational events as part of the implementation of the education program of the educational institution.

The practical experience of the school No. 315 and Center for Children and Youth Technical Creativity and Information Technology of the Pushkinsky district will demonstrate the possibilities of the school educational platform and the use of modern information technology in terms of implementation of the projects «Tsarskoe Selo through the eyes of children», «Internet Safety» and «Browser games using JavaScript» in the framework of network interaction with educational institutions of the Pushkinsky district.


Target audience

Teachers, managers at various levels



Centre for Children and Youth Technical Creativity and Information Technology

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