Konstantin Eduardovich Tkhostov

Konstantin Eduardovich Tkhostov

Director of the Lyceum No. 369

Chairman of the Russian Association of Young Teachers in St. Petersburg, Deputy Head of the municipal council of the "Yugo Zapad" municipality.

He holds the title of "Honored Worker of General Education of the Russian Federation" and was awarded the Commendation of the President of the Russian Federation.

2019 - session "The context of management decision making in education", speaker

2019 - discussion "Teacher in the 5S space", moderator

2018 - session "Initiative in education: from the inception to the implementation", speaker

2018 - discussion "A young teacher at school: from adaptation to professional growth", moderator

2017 - plenary session of the Forum "Modern Education: a variety of opportunities in a single space", speaker

2017 - session "Priorities of modern education", speaker

2017 - discussion "The potential of modern teaching: development strategies", moderator

2016 - discussion "Modern teacher and his social mission", moderator