Aleksey Andreevich Romanchuk

Aleksey Andreevich Romanchuk

Supplementary education teacher, Children's Marine Centre "Young Sailor" of the Kronshtadtsky district, St. Petersburg

The winner of the district pedagogical achievements competition in the "Pedagogical hopes" category, the winner of the city competition of pedagogical achievements in the "Debut" category, the winner of the national competition "Pedagogical Debut 2016".

He was awarded the honorary badge "For the Humanization of St. Petersburg School" in 2015, "The Best Teacher of Supplementary Education of St. Petersburg State Educational Institution" award in 2016, St. Petersburg Youth Award in the category "In the field of education" in 2019.

2018 - discussion "A young teacher at school: from adaptation to professional growth", speaker

2017 - discussion "The potential of modern teaching: development strategies", speaker