10:00 – 13:00 24 March
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School Class in the Digital World

Seminar. 1 day
General education

The seminar will address the following issues: what should be a school class like to help students master the actual skills of life in the digital world; how to combine classical education with the basic skills of using ICT both for self-education and for the future profession. If «digital» kids need «analog» teacher's help, how we can support «analog» teacher to develop ICT competencies of «digital» kids. How to design an individual educational route and keep the school class - where the core values of the individual are shaped. Poster presentations, workshops, meetings with developers of modern educational platforms will be organized. Participants will be presented the experience of using e-learning platform G Suite for Education, different forms of online services workable for primary, basic and secondary education (LearningApps, CORE, Miro, Learnis, Google Classroom, YouTube, YaKlass). Capabilities of the modern «Technology» class-room for the preliminary career guidance through basic and supplementary education will be demonstrated. Flash technology «Content at ease» - how to create a school news channel.


Target audience

Deputy Directors for curriculum and discipline, Deputy Directors for discipline, subject teachers, primary school teachers, supplementary education teachers, technical specialists, teachers-facilitators



Gymnasium No. 426 of the Petrodvortsovy district


Lomonosov, ul. Vladimirskaya, 28, lit. A
m. «Prospekt Veteranov» / m. «Avtovo» / m. «Kupchino»

Contact information

Shumelenkova Tatyana Evgenievna

Deputy Director for curriculum and discipline


+7 (911) 088-01-21