10:00 – 13:00 25 March
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New Generation School: an Educational Network as a Resource for Development. Personalized Learning in the Context of Digitalization

Interregional Scientific and Practical Conference. 1 day
General education

The theme of the conference in 2021: Personalized Learning in the Context of Digitalization.

The conference is supposed to determine the place of personalization in modern education; recognize the challenges of personalization and find ways to overcome them; identify and analyze successful teaching strategies used to implement the personalized approach in regular and extracurricular activities; promote the development and strengthening of network cooperation with all prospective partners interested in implementing the personalized learning in the context of digitalization.

The conference programme will be implemented in the format of "round tables" with a discussion of the possibilities of the utilization of personalized learning in the context of digitalization.

  • Characteristics of the generation. Children's expectations. How to regain interest in studies?
  • The role of the teacher in creating the educational environment aimed at personal development.
  • Goal setting. The image of the perfect result.
  • Personalization. Parents' vision.
  • Technological solutions implemented to provide a personalized approach in the context of blended learning.


Target audience

Heads of educational institutions, teachers, pupils, students, representatives of science, business, media, everybody concerned



School No. 328 with advanced study of the English language of the Nevsky district


ul. Babushkina, 56, korp. 1, lit. A
m. «Lomonosovskaya»

Contact information

Tatiana Aleksandrovna Polkovnikova

Deputy Director for scientific and methodological work of the school No. 328


+7 (911) 759-02-42