11:00 – 13:30 26 March
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The Person Reading: Modern Approaches to the Problem of Semantic Reading

Seminar-workshop. 1 day
General education

Participants of the seminar will get acquainted with the experience of the school in implementing the multifunctional school-wide project «The Person Reading». The project is aimed at popularizing children's and youth reading, developing students' semantic reading skills. Within the framework of the project, there is an integration of educational, extracurricular, project-research activities of students and educational work of the school. The project contributes to the development of project management of educational institutions in the context of distributed leadership.

During the workshop, there will be presentations and master classes of teachers dedicated to the preparation of a single educational event «Bookdiving: Immersion in the World of Books» (within the framework of the school-wide project «The Person Reading»), as well as discussion platforms on the topics: «How to return the traditions of family reading», «How to teach semantic reading to migrant children», etc., which will help to understand various ways to solve the problem of semantic reading. Participants of the seminar will be able to share their experience in solving this problem.

Seminar timing:

  • 11.00-11.30 entering the participants of the seminar (information about entering the seminar will be sent the day before to the email addresses of the registered participants).
  • 11.30-12.00 plenary session
  • 12.00-14.00 work of sections, discussion platforms, master classes.


Target audience

Heads and deputy heads of educational institutions, methodologists, facilitators, primary school teachers, teachers of Russian language and literature, subject teachers, specialists of the educational service and the system of psychological, social and pedagogical support, researchers (Up to 100 people)


School No. 218 of the Frunzensky district


ul. Oleko Dundicha, 26, korp. 2, lit. A
m. «Kupchino»

Contact information

Svetlana Erlenovna Berestovitskaya

Deputy Director for experimental work


+7 (960) 239-36-49