11:00 – 13:30 24 March
  • Off-line

Digital Approaches to Organizing of Educational Environment of the School

Seminar. 1 day
General education

The core idea of the seminar is to demonstrate the possibilities of the information and educational environment of the school for implementing pedagogical technologies used in the educational process. It is planned to immerse the participants in the problem field of new approaches to the organization of educational work in school, which are especially necessary in the context of digitalization of education, changes in the school and classroom space, taking into account current trends and requirements (in particular, the pandemic).

The seminar participants will review the experience of the school: how to organize the interactive environment, to construct online events, to create digital educational resources, etc.

The seminar will include master classes dedicated to effective educational practices in the context of forming digital education environment. As a result, the participants of the seminar will form a checklist on the main directions considering practical application of digital technology in educational activities.


Target audience

Heads of educational institutions, deputy directors for discipline, heads of supplementary education institutions, class teachers


School No. 690 of the Nevsky district


ul. Rusanovskaya, 15, korp. 2
m. «Lomonosovskaya» / m. «Ulitsa Dybenko»

Contact information

Victorya Yurjevna Solovjova

Director of the School No. 690 of the Nevsky district


+7 (812) 241-32-12