11:00 – 13:35 24 March
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Digital Panorama: from Tradition to Innovation in Digital School

Exhibition and conference. 1 day
General education

Digital panorama: from tradition to innovation in the digital school. The exhibition will demonstrate, what is digitalization in the context of the certain educational process: its organizational, methodological, didactic, communicative aspects practically implemented. The organizers will show how you can turn an ordinary lesson into a collaboration between teacher, student and parent that allows you to achieve high and practice-oriented learning outcomes.

The participants will discuss how to accommodate the changing teaching conditions, to keep up with innovations and modern technologies, how to use the surrounding space in a new format and achieve high educational results.

Meeting ID: 986 6367 9014

Passcode: 033205


Target audience

Methodologists, Deputy Directors, chairmen of methodological associations, teachers


School No. 258 with advanced study of physics and chemistry of the Kolpinsky district


Kolpino, ul. Pavlovskaya, 80, lit. A

Contact information

Svetlana Borisovna Nekrasova

Director of the school


+7 (921) 971-51-56

Irina Petrovna Lenok

Deputy Director for curriculum and discipline