11:00 – 13:00 26 March
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Formation of Engineering Competence in Pre-school Age: Experience, Challenges, Ways of Development. Building technical capabilities of older pre-school-age children in collaboration with preschool educational institutions and family

Workshop. 1 day
Preschool education

Currently, within the framework of improving the regional system of career guidance and training of qualified engineering and technical personnel for high-tech industries, the practical solution of issues related to the return of mass interest of young people to scientific and technical creativity is of particular importance.

Participants of the network federal innovation platform of «Institute for Study of Childhood, Family and Upbringing of the Russian Academy of Education» on the topic of «Formation of children's readiness to study technical sciences by means of the partial educational programme «From Froebel to a robot» in accordance with the Federal State Education Standards for pre-school education» had different experience in the field of design and robotics, but the programme allowed for a new look at the technical competencies of children, educators and parents.

During the seminar, the experience of Kindergarten No. 55 of the Kolpinsky district of St. Petersburg will be presented:

  • on the implementation of a partial educational program of preschool education «From Frobel to a robot: raising future engineers»;
  • on involving parents in the process of expanding technical capabilities of pre-school children;
  • on the use of robotic construction sets in preschool educational institutions.
During the event, the forum participants will learn how to create conditions that allow children to acquire new practical experience, analyze and transform the empirical findings independently or together with adults (teachers or parents). Guests can participate in workshops for children and assess their own level of technical literacy.

At the seminar the following video materials will be demonstrated:
  • constructive-model activity with children;
  • interaction of tutors and childrens' technical mind-broadening specialists;
  • workshop «Teachers to parents»;
  • workshop «Children to children»;
  • children's challenge;
  • etc.


Target audience

Heads and deputy heads of preschool educational institutions, methodologists, educators of preschool educational institutions


Kindergarten No. 55 of the Kolpinsky district


Kolpino, ul. Pavlovskaya, 39, lit. A
m. «Zvezdnaya» / m. « Kupchino»

Contact information

Natalia Aleksandrovna Knyazeva


+7 (812) 461-22-09