11:00 – 13:00 24 March
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Physicists and Lyricists: a Shared Vision on the Formation of Functional Literacy

Practice-oriented seminar. 1 day
General education

The main purpose of the event: to show the practical experience of teachers who use modern methods of activation of educational and cognitive activity aimed at the development of the functional literacy of students.

The conference program includes a wide range of master classes. The organization of a wide range of master classes involves the work of several masters-teachers of the Humanities and Natural Sciences.

The conference is expected to result in express interviews, during which the participants will try to answer topical questions:

  • How can teachers of different subjects build a coherent learning process for the successful development of functional literacy of the student?
  • How to estimate the level of development of functional literacy of a student?


Target audience

School teachers of various academic disciplines (Up to 150 people)


Gymnasium No. 363 of the Frunzensky district


ul. Dimitrova 15, korp. 3
m. «Prospekt Slavy» / m. «Dunayskaya» / m. «Kupchino»

Contact information

Olga Valeryevna Orlova

Deputy Director for curriculum and discipline


+7 (906) 258-70-60