10:00 – 12:00 25 March
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Theatrical Games as a Means of Developing the Emotional Sphere of a Preschooler

Seminar - workshop. 1 day
Preschool education

The participants of the event will get acquainted with the practice of the work of the preschool educational institution of the district on the use of theatre games for the development of the emotional sphere of a preschooler. Experience in the development of positive emotions in preschoolers will be presented and a theatrical performance and a master class on the use of various games for the development of the emotional sphere of both teachers and kindergarten students will be offered.


Target audience

Educators, music directors, senior educators, deputy heads for curriculum and discipline



Lyceum No. 299 structural division department of preschool education of the Frunzensky district


ul. Belgradskaya, 22, korp. 3, lit. A
m. «Mezhdunarodnaya» / m. «Bukharestskaya»

Contact information

Ekaterina Viktorovna Udalova


+7 (812) 774-28-16