11:00 – 12:00 25 March
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State-Of-Art Digital Technologies in Music Education

Seminar-presentation. 1 day
Supplementary education

The materials of the seminar-presentation demonstrate one of the new trends in the development of modern music pedagogy – teaching music through the mastering of digital keyboard synthesizers and computer music programs. The features of synthesis of digital musical instruments and computer technology are established in the program «On White and Black», which gave rise to the development of a new trend in the system of supplementary education of children in St. Petersburg.

On the basis of the program, a system of work with teachers is implemented within the framework of the project «Development of the information educational environment for a teacher-musician of the supplementary education system».

Materials of the seminar-presentation include:

  • the authorial academic and methodological complex «By teaching, I learn» in 4 parts, including the methodology of teaching music using the capabilities of synthesizers (section «Electronic musical instruments»);
  • digital methodological case «On White and Black» - the winner of the city and All-Russian competition «The panorama of methodological cases»ю.
The platform for teachers «Musica Integra» is a participant of the city project «Digital Education» - 2020 (a new format of academic and methodological activities for teachers, including materials of full-time mode of study, distance courses and contests). New forms of development of music education, the novelty of tasks, well-established work system between children and teachers, incorporated potential for the development of the system of supplementary education of children of St. Petersburg (as well as regions), determine the innovativeness of the seminar materials produced.


Target audience

Teachers of supplementary education (in the field of music)


Center for Creative Development and Humanitarian Education of Children «On Vasilyevsky» of the Vasileostrovsky district


ul. Nalichnaya, 48, korp.3
m. «Primorskaya»

Contact information

Klara Borisovna Davletova


+7 (921) 866-21-58