14:00 – 16:00 24 March
  • Off-line

Modern Foreign Language Education: Best Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages in St. Petersburg

Regional practice-oriented conference. 1 day
Supplementary education

The best methods of teaching foreign languages in educational institutions of St. Petersburg will be presented at the conference. The conditions that contribute to the achievement of subject and meta-subject results in foreign language lessons, socialization of students and the development of a multicultural language personality are reviewed.

  • Section 1. Discussion of the topic in the problem case format: «Ways to achieve functional literacy in a foreign language».
  • Section 2. Podium discussion: «Innovations and their application in the assessment techniques of a foreign language teacher: marketing innovations».
  • Section 3. Workshop: «Innovative ways to update and develop soft skills in foreign language lessons».
  • Section 4. Foresight session: «Prospects of online learning of foreign languages: online vs. offline».
  • Section 5. World Café: «Strategies for enhancing communicative interaction in foreign language lessons: consolidating experience».


Target audience

Foreign language teachers working in schools, foreign language teachers working in vocational education institutions, methodologists, supplementary education teachers


School No. 550 of the Tsentralny district


Torgovy pereulok, 2A
m. «Dostoyevskaya» / m. «Vladimirskaya» / m. «Gostiny Dvor» / m. «Nevsky Prospect»

Contact information

Svetlana Leonidovna Suvorova

Professor, Ph. D., Head of the Department of Foreign Languages of St. Petersburg Academy of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education


+7 (812) 409-82-98