10:00 – 13:30 25 March
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The Role of the Psychological and Pedagogical Support Service in the Socialization of Students

Seminar-workshop. 1 day
General education

The seminar participants will be presented with some features of the organization of psychological and pedagogical support, will take part in a discussion as well as they can ask questions to the experts during master classes, work with legal documents, and acquire practical skills of solving conflict situations. The programme of the seminar includes:

  1. Panel discussion «In a dialogue with a university» Topics of the panel discussion: What is the main difficulty of organizing a psychological and pedagogical support service? How do you see the specialist of the psychological and pedagogical support service? What kind of assistance can the support service provide for the successful socialization of students? Is it possible to work remotely with the support service?
  2. Practical part: The round table «Pedagogical diagnostics». The training «Psycho-Correction». The case «Legal issues of providing support service in schools». The master class «The art of conflict resolution: getting practical skills». The practical case «Effective organizational management structure of the support service». The foresight case «The future of the support service».
  3. The contest of poster presentations for specialists of support services in an educational institution «Virtual reception of the support service».


Target audience

Heads of educational institutions, deputy heads of educational institutions for Discipline, health service managers, psychologists, school counselors, subject teachers, class teachers, students of pedagogical universities


Gymnasium No. 586 of the Vasileostrovsky district


ul. Korablestroiteley, 37, korp. 5
m. «Primorskaya»

Contact information

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