10:00 – 11:00 25 March
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Regional Aspect of an Educational Program of Preschool Education: Introducing Preschool Children to Folk Arts and Crafts of the North-Western Region

Master class. 1 day
Preschool education

During the event, participants will review the unique experience of the creative group of teachers of preschool education of the Vasileostrovsky district «Ethnika» on the inclusion of folk decorative and applied arts of the north-western region into an educational program of preschool education. Participants will gain practical experience on introducing preschoolers to folk costumes, northern decorative paintings, clay toys, painted gingerbread cookies, folk music of the north-west, and will have an opportunity to visit an exhibition of children's creativity.


Target audience

Pre-school teachers


Kindergarten No.14 (of compensatory education) of the Frunzensky district


ul. Nalichnaya, 40, korp. 6
m. «Primorskaya»

Contact information

Julia Ivanovna Sergeenkova

Senior preschool teacher of the Kindergarten No. 14 of the Vasileostrovsky district


+7 (812) 350-29-24