11:00 – 13:00 25 March
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Expansion of the Learning Space as an Innovative Resource for the Development of Environmental Culture of Younger Generation

Section 3. 1 day
Supplementary education

The best strategies for the implementation of students' social and environmental projects, social initiatives support (for example, volunteering) and social partnership («Social Activity» project) will be presented. New social competencies of teachers and ways of their development will be analysed.


Target audience

Heads and deputy heads of educational institutions; methodologists; teachers of educational institutions, pre-school educational institutions, supplementary education institutions; researchers; representatives of executive bodies of state authority and public organisations



School No. 71 of the Kalininsky district, St. Petersburg


ul. Vavilovykh, 5, korp. 5
m. «Akademicheskaya»

Contact information

Elvira Vasilyevna Gushchina

Professor of the Department of Pedagogy of the Environment, Safety and Human Health of St. Petersburg Academy of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education


+7 (911) 237-81-90

Yuliya Viktorovna Grigorieva

Deputy. Director for discipline of the School No. 71


+7 (931) 231-24-84