10:00 – 13:00 26 March
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Subject-Spatial Organization for Correction of Cognitive Activity of Preschool Children with Visual Impairment

Practice-oriented seminar. 1 day
Preschool education

During the seminar, participants will have the opportunity to expand and enrich their knowledge in the field of correctional work with preschoolers with visual impairment, to master the experience of subject-spatial organisation for the correction of cognitive activity of preschoolers with visual impairment.

Experience in the correction and development of visual perception of children with visual deprivation in a large space (a sports correction hall, music hall, street playgrounds) will be shared by special education teachers of preschool institutions of compensatory type for children with visual impairment in St. Petersburg.

The formats of the seminar are presentations of experts of Saint-Petersburg in the field of tiflopedagogics: candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor of the department of tiflopedagogics, Herzen University, Fomicheva L.V., candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor of the department of tiflopedagogics of Herzen University Nikitina A.V., special education teacher, methodologist of the Regional Center for Psychological, Pedagogical, Medical and Social Assistance «Center for Diagnostics and Counseling» of St. Petersburg Genkina S.G. Forms of the event: workshop, viewing and discussion of correctional and developmental classes, a master class for the participants, poster presentations on the topic: «Development of spatial perception in children with visual impairment in conditions of mobility in a large space», «Round table».


Target audience

Heads of state educational institutions of compensating or combined type, deputy heads for curriculum and discipline, special education teachers, educational psychologists, music directors (Up to 40 people)



Kindergarten No. 115 (compensating type) of the Frunzensky districtа / Kindergarten No. 36 (compensating type) of the Primorsky district / Kindergarten No. 133 (compensating type) of the Vyborgsky district


Belgradskaya ul., 26, korp. 3
m. «Prospekt Slavy»

Contact information

Elena Nikolaevna Zhilina

Deputy Head for curriculum and discipline


+7 (921) 360-75-66