10:00 – 12:00 26 March
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New Formats of Accompanying Families and Children in a Preschool Educational Institution: Parents' Expectations

Session and pitch sessions of networked innovative practices. 1 day
Preschool education

The session will analyze the experience of remote support of families in a pandemic and self-isolation; identify the positive and negative aspects of the spontaneously formed experience and determine the range of urgent tasks of digitalization of preschool education. It is planned to discuss the results of a mass survey of parents of three kindergartens related to their attitude to distance preschool education, their expectations, disappointments and positive ideas in organizing remote projects for parents and children.

Each kindergarten participating in the network regional innovation platform will present pilot options for implementing remote support for families in five educational areas, including the activities of specialists for children with special needs and disabilities, based on possible deficits in the development of the child. The pitch sessions will present the best remote practices of the idea «Distance kindergarten», developed today in the conditions of experimental activity.

The main task of pitch sessions is to show the possibilities of remote support for families with a frequently ill child, a child who has not attended kindergarten for a long time, but is included in the educational program of pre-school institutions. This also applies to parents of children who do not attend a pre-school educational institution. It is fundamentally important to identify the target, content, and technological components of supporting parents, and through them the child, in the absence of a legal, normative base regulating digital education of preschool children.

Free networking will complete the session.


Target audience

Heads of preschool educational institutions, deputy managers for curriculum and discipline work, senior educators and methodologists, educators and specialists of the additional educational institutions, social partners


Kindergarten No. 26 of the Krasnogvardeysky district


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