12:00 – 15:00 25 March
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Young Professionals – the Future of Russia under the Motto of WSR: «Improving the world with the power of skills!»

Social Projects Competition «Start with yourself». 1 day
Vocational education

Aim: engage talented young people and creative teachers of vocational education in problem-solving to improve the quality of life in society.

Objectives of the Competition:

  • Encourage the motivation of students to find solutions to challenges that negatively affect life in society.
  • Raise the profile of vocational education to increase the social activity of students, developing their civil position.
  • Help students gain experience in solving specific issues that are important for society.
  • Encourage project activities in vocational education institutions, providing an opportunity for students to achieve career fulfillment.
  • Support the initiatives of students, teachers, employers and communities (professional, student, etc.).
  • Develop network cooperation.


Target audience

Teachers, students of vocational education institutions, schoolchildren (videoconference), representatives of vocational education institutions of the Russian Federation


Pedagogical College No.4 of St. Petersburg


Kostromskoy pr., 46
m. «Udelnaya»

Contact information

Elena Yurievna Fedotova

Director of the Pedagogical College No. 4, St. Petersburg


+7 (911) 710-46-55

Irina Egorovna Narykova

Deputy Director for educational work, Pedagogical College No. 4, St. Petersburg


+7 (911) 816-82-55

Elena Arkadyevna Pivchuk

Deputy Director for human resources, Pedagogical College No. 8, St. Petersburg


+7 (812) 560-27-47

Olga Ivanovna Elpatova

Deputy Director for scientific and methodological work, St. Petersburg Colledge «KIT»


+7 (812) 241-20-92