10:00 – 12:00 26 March
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Diversity of the Development of Preschool Education: Preserving the Meanings, Generating New Guidelines

Conference. 1 day
Preschool education

The conference will present the experience of preschool institutions in the Vyborgsky district (Kindergarten No. 4, Kindergarten No. 32, Kindergarten No. 91): a round table with inclusion from different sites, presentations of best practices and generalized experience of teachers, open displays of fragments of joint activities of teachers and senior preschool children, video fragments interaction of teachers, parents and children Guests will be able to get acquainted with the results of the activities of institutions in the following areas:

  • positive modifications of the main educational program: the algorithm for embedding the variable part (using the example of the partial program «From Froebel to robot: raising future engineers»), features of implementation of a regional component of the educational program;
  • the best practices for creating conditions for the cognitive and speech development of children (for example, the organization of constructive-model activity);
  • ways to support parents and children (by the example of solving the problems of developing technical creativity).


Target audience

Heads of educational institutions; deputy heads of educational institutions, methodologists, senior tutors, deputy managers for curriculum and discipline, educators of pre-school educational organizations, scientific workers etc.



Kindergarten No. 32 of the Vyborgsky district


ul. Kustodiyeva, 1, lit. A
m. «Ozerki» / m. «Prospekt Prosveshcheniya»

Contact information

Olga Alexandrovna Proskurina

Head of the Kindergarten No. 32 of the Vyborgsky district


+7 (812) 244-09-45