11:00 – 13:00 22 March
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Diversity of Talents

Pedagogical quest. 1 day
General education

Pedagogical quest is an interactive educational activity that promotes the professional motivation of teachers by means of implementation of theoretical knowledge in the form of a game, establishing the environment of professional interaction and expanding the space of pedagogical activity. The pedagogical quest is run by the Council of Young Teachers of the Tsentralny district. The quest programme includes a coordination meeting, a welcome speech, division into commands, the quest itself (divided into stages), solving quest tasks, wrap-up. Young experts from educational institutions of St. Petersburg who are under 35 and have no more than 5 years of experience at the time of application are invited to participate in the conference.


Target audience

Young teachers


Lyceum No. 214 of the Tsentralny district


ul. Mayakovskogo, 8, lit. A
m. «Mayakovskaya» / m. «Ploshchad' Vosstaniya»

Contact information

Olga Sergeevna Knyazkova

Deputy director for curriculum and methodological work of the Information and Methodological Centre of the Tsentralny district, St. Petersburg

+7 (812) 717-04-72