10:30 – 17:00 25 March
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Kolpino Readings on Local Lore and Tourism

All-Russian scientific and practical conference with international participation. The conference with face-to-face and virtual participation.. 1 day
Supplementary education

The event is carried out in collaboration with the Herzen State Pedagogical University, the Russian Geographical Society, and other social partners. The information support is provided by the scientific and methodological journal «Geography and Ecology in the school of the XXI century». The purpose of the conference is to raise the profile of local lore research as well as tourist and local lore activities as a tool for the promotion of the patriotic education of the youth.

The conference areas of work:

  1. Theory and practice of tourist and local lore activities held in educational institutions.
  2. Patriotic education of students participating in youth tourism and local lore activities.
  3. Museums of local lore: a background, functions, educational programs, and methods of their implementation.
  4. Tourist and recreational potential of the regions of Russia and other countries, The use of it in children's and youth tourism.
  5. Local lore researches held by schoolchildren and students during field and expedition trips.
  6. Ethnopedagogics and ethnic tourism.
  7. The background of local lore and children's tourism.

The interregional scientific and practical conference with international participation Kolpinsky Readings on Local Lore and Tourism has been held by the Palace of Children's and Youth Creativity of the Kolpinsky district together with social partners over the past 3 years. The conference proceedings have been published in 6 volumes with a total volume of 2,696 pages. In 2020, 248 participants, including 28 representatives of neighboring countries, took part in the conference. More than half of the participants were teachers, teachers of supplementary education, teachers-facilitators, methodologists, etc. The participants from 42 constituent territories of the Russian Federation and 5 CIS countries (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine) attended the event.


Target audience

Staff members of institutions of general, supplementary, higher, and secondary vocational education of Russia and the CIS countries and the museum staff engaged in tourist and local lore activities conducted with schoolchildren and students


The Palace of Creativity of Children and Youth of the Kolpinsky district


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