10:00 – 13:00 25 March
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Integration of Educational Areas through LEGO Construction and Animation in Working with Preschool Children

Practice-oriented seminar. 1 day
Preschool education

During the seminar, performances and master classes of teachers using of various modern equipment will be organized for the participants: Animation studio (students work in a full-cycle animation studio, get acquainted with various animation techniques); robotics (study of surrounding technology, basic principles of design, mechanics).


Target audience

Pre-school teachers


Kindergarten No. 53 of the Frunzensky district (2nd platform)


ul. Budapeshtskaya, 10, korp. 1
m. «Mezhdunarodnaya»

Contact information

Margarita Vladimirovna Sidorova

Deputy Director for curriculum and discipline


+7 (921) 443-31-49