12:00 – 16:00 26 March
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Involvement of Schoolchildren in the Scientific and Technological Community

Foresight session on the topic. 1 day
General education

St. Petersburg Academy of Digital Technologies (hereinafter – the Academy of Digital Technologies) operates as a regional innovation platform within the topic "Forming professional and cross-age communities in St. Petersburg education to support and promote the ideas of the National Technology Initiative". It holds design session called "Involvement of schoolchildren in the scientific and technological community". Everyone interested in the development of the National Technology Initiative (hereinafter -NTI) in the region will be invited to participate: schoolchildren and students, schools and supplementary education institutions, universities, NTI companies, representatives of executive authorities, etc.

The session will be held in the following way: all participants will be divided in groups and discuss the questions raised by the moderators, present different visions of the project "Involvement of a schoolchild". All projects will be presented, discussed and evaluated by the experts at the end of the session.

The results of this session will help the participants to develop a common vision of the promotion of the NTI movement in St. Petersburg and encourage further fruitful cooperation.

The event is not open to the public. Personal invitations to prospective participants will be sent by the organisers. You can contact the organiser using the contact information provided below and express your willingness to participate in the event. The materials of the session will be available on the official website of the Organiser.


Target audience

Heads and deputy heads of educational institutions, methodologists, school and pre-school teachers, representatives of tech companies, university leaders, university teachers, representatives of executive bodies of state authority



Academy of Digital Technologies


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